Cubase 10.5 and 10 crashing on project load

On windows 10

I’ve been dealing with this since getting Cubase 10 in December 2018, I kept hoping the maintenance upgrades would fix it. Cubase 10 would throw an error screen claiming that my Lexicon LXP and MXP plugins’ licensing program wasn’t running and that therefore they would not be loaded. iLok is running, updated, and functioning for all other plugins in my rig. I would click “ok” on the error box, and the project would load, but without the Lexicon 'verbs. I could then go to the channels that had the 'verbs and re-open them, and try and recall my lost settings for them. Tedious.

Now version 10.5 is here, and sometimes the Lexicon 'verbs load! But, 8 out of 10 times, Cubase 10.5 just crashes/closes itself, does not throw the error box about plugin licensing, and I can’t even use the workaround of loading the project sans Lexicon verbs and reloading and recalling settings. Please help. I am attaching a .dmp from last week, as the the program has not seemed to generate a .dmp file for the dozen or so crashes i experienced this morning. Thank you in advance.
Cubase 64bit 2020.1.17 (906 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2020.1.18 (504 KB)


Please make sure the Lexicon plug-ins are up to date and your iLok PACE driver is up to dat too, please.

Do you know, when was the latest Lexicon update released, please? There was an important fix in PACE iLok software for full compatibility with Windows 10 last year (If I remember right). All plug-ins developers should update their plug-ins and update this part of iLok/PACE in it. Unfortunately some manufacturers didn’t do it which can cause a crash.

I have done this several times over the last year, including just now as you asked. No change.

The latest version of the LXP Lexicon bundle is dated May 3, 2019

I am also experiencing a disturbing amount of droupout errors. I’ve never had this problem prior to version 10.5.


Could you try to start Cubase in Windows 8 compatibility mode, please? This should work as a workaround for these new PACE incompatible plug-ins.

Running the program in Win8 Compatibility Mode has enabled the project to load, but now I get the error message about the licensing program for the LXP plugins not running. The project loads without any instances of the plugins where they should be. The program fails to load a fresh instance of the LXP plugin on an insert, but successfully loads an instance in an insert on the second attempt. (This is how 10.0.40 and 10.0.50 behaved.)

The plugins load on the third try. How can we get them to load with the project, so my settings are preserved? Thank you.

Ok, running both Cubase 10.5 AND iLok in Win8 Compatibility mode seems to have solved the issue, thank you.

Ok, this “fix” lasted about 24 hours. It is once again refusing to load the Lexicon LXP Reverbs bundle, with both cubase and iLok running in win8 compatibility mode. Please advise.


I have no more ideas. Are you in contact with Lexicon support, please?

No, I’m in contact with Steinberg support (you) because this seems to be a Cubase problem. I only have these problems when using Cubase. If you dont’ have any other ideas, can you perhaps put me in touch with someone who does?


I’m not Steinberg support. If you want to get in contact with Steinberg support, rise support ticket in your MySteinberg account, please.

oh, ok thanks. I was under the impression this was how they dealt with issues.