Cubase 10.5 AND AVID Artist Mix


I really hope you can help me. I used the search function but haven’t really found what I was looking for, maybe I’m already a bit too frustrated als well :sunglasses:

I just got a Avid Artist Mix and connected it to my iMac (latest OS), EuCon installed (latest version), Cubase 10.5 Artist in use, connected everything via Ethernet Hub…so far so good.

BUT, I’m not able to make this Avid Mixer working with Cubase, no way. As soon as I open Logic Pro X the Mixer is in full operation and working, but not with Cubase. I read so many things in so many forums, but I never really got a clue what to do to make both things to work together.
Maybe some users out there who had the same problem and could help me to sole it. Many thanks already in advance


Did you include EUCON as a controller in the Studio-Tab?

Well, i found the „trick“ :rofl:
You have to purchase the PRO version of Cubase in order to use EuCon! I had the ARTIST version and that was the reason it didnt work. After the update to the PRO version it works perfectly. Useless to say that i dont understand why you have to buy the most expensive version in order to use a „controller“ !