Cubase 10.5 and Kontakt (6)


I have Cubase Pro 10.5, Win10, Kontakt (and the whole NI suite)

I have installed Kontakt 6 (visible as a VST Instrument as Kontakt in Cubase) however it is being black listed and can not be reactivated succesfully.

I have uninstalled previous Kontakt 5, uninstalled and reinstalled Kontakt 6

I assume it is seeing it as a VST2 or something but I have provided and refreshed the file location of Kontakt 6.

Help please!

Are you hiding the 32 bit version from Cubase?

Hi Jaslan, no I am not. How would I do that?

Edit the VST plugin paths in the Plugin Manager to only the 64 bit NI folder, not the higher folder up that includes 32 and 64 bit.
Or, move or delete the 32 bit .dll files (unless you’re using them in another DAW) as they don’t work in C10 anyway.

Every time I load my template I have to re-scan NI folder in order to load Kontakt.

Thank you very much I shall try that out.

I have:

ensured no VST plugin manager reference to the 32 bit folder (there wasnt one)
uninstalled Kontakt
reinstalled Kontakt
deleted the 32 bit folder
and still samre result

It is seeing VST2 versions and marking as crashed - see attached screenshot please.

This is so frustrating.

Best to remove ALL 3rd party plugin paths. Then start adding gradually and see which one is the culprit.
Also try safe start mode in Cubase and perhaps reset the preferences.

Does kontakt standalone (exe) work?

FWIW, K6 working fine in C10.5 here.

10.5 + Kontakt 6 works but crashes when you try to audio export. w10 with literally just one instance of K6 running nothing else

Are you using Kontakt 6.2.2?


Working fine here, Kontakt 6.2.1

6.2.1 and the newer 6.2.2 version works fine here. (Thanks Hippo!) It is VST 2.4 which is sloppy by NI, but oh well, it works. And maybe that’s your problem? Where did you get the VST 2 version? This won’t fly in Cubase.

I have the same problem.

I can get it to work in Live 10.1, but in Cubase I can’t find 6.2.2, but only 6.0.4…

I have tried to search my HD for it, but no luck so far.