Cubase 10.5 and my new Computer issues

Hello Cubase friends

Recently I bought a new super fast PC. 64 GB of RAM, 16 Cores . Only SSD Discs and so on.
I was thinking that everything now would behave smooth in Cubase and I newer again shuld experience drop outs, lack of computer power when using many VST instruments and so on.
And my new computer IS a real power mashine and everything goes fast and smooth.
But when I record a lot of MIDI instruments the Computer STILL( like my OLD 4 core i7 PC, ) suddenly comes up with this round white cirkel as if its think just for a moment. We are talking about 10-15 seconds !!! maybe
What is my fast new Computer doing ?
Do I need to set my new PC up for the 16 Cores ?
Do I need to set up cubase for 16 Cores ?
What am I experiencing here ?

The inability to mention your Audio Device / ASIO Driver?

HI Scab
Here it comes UR28M USB Audio Interface ! :slight_smile:.

Okay, thanks!

Can you elaborate? Which instruments? How many simultaneous tracks? One persons idea of “a lot” can differ greatly from another’s.

How low is your ASIO buffer set? You definitely have the correct driver selected?

Is this reproduceable given certain conditions, or more random?

When exactly does this occur?

Its occur randomly when im editing MIDI notes . Feks in this project i know I had 15 instances of Kontakt 5 and inside kontakt 3-8 instruments open.
5 instruments tracks, 20 MIDI tracks . Just an eksample but again on my old machine this was nothing and as I said i t was an intel i7 4 cores and 16 GB ram !.
Asio buffer 512

Hmmm … I’m not a Kontakt user, so can’t give you much help there. Is this a prebuilt system? Maybe something else going on in the background? Not sure what to suggest. Have you tried running LatencyMon? It might give you an idea, at least, if something is interfering at the system level.

Anyone else have any ideas? :nerd:

Thanks a lot Scab. I will try Latencymon

Is “autosave” activated?

Yes Svennilenni and now its un -ticked . Lets see if this help…

Solution found !!! I was Autosave making the mess .
Thanks for help