Cubase 10.5 (and newer) - how to turn off event "dots" while moving mouse on it?

Hey guys!

Is it possible to turn off these “dots”, this thing that is showing event under mouse without clicking on it?


It’s not possible to hide or switch this off, sorry.

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Those dots are the fader (ends) and clip-gain (middle) handles, so no.

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You’ll want to make use of the faders for all those events to create very short fade ins and fade outs. Doing that prevents any audio glitches and keeps the events from sounding artificial; unless that’s an effect you’re going for.

I made the fades a little bigger than normal so you could see them, but you get the idea. Although if you want, you can use the fade in to tame a transient at the front of your clip or create other effects.

Thanks, but i know it.
i just meant that i dont want to see those fader and volume dots when i am not clicking on them
(how it was in very first Cubase Versions )
I wanted to see them only when i click on event, not all the time, but as people said, seems like its not possible to turn this option off :frowning:

after 14 years working with old Cubase 5.5 version, new UI makes me so distracting sometimes. stll cant get used to it

Sorry. Assumed you didn’t know what they were and therefore didn’t know how to use them.

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