Cubase 10.5 artist,unable to enable in 'All Midi'

Hello, I have been trying to get my Behringer UMC202 HD audio interface to connect to cubase for almost a week with no luck. I am running window vista, i have installed the latest version of the driver for the interface, the keyboard is communicating with the interface and the computer recognizes the interface, but i cannot get it to transmit any information inside of cubase. I am not sure what i am missing other than that i cannot enable/disable, the in ‘All Midi’ in the studio setup. I upgraded from elements so that i could run a keyboard as i was having the same issue there, I am at my wits end, any insight would be greatly appreciated.


First of all, Cubase 10 is not supported on Windows Vista. That might be it.

Second, make sure, the driver is 64-bit, please.