Cubase 10.5 Artists uninstallers left some content

I have a Cubase 10 Artist license.
I was migrating to a new PC (Win10) and installed Cubase 10.5 Artist instead of 10 by mistake.
So I uninstalled everything I just installed via the Control Panel by sorting by “Installed On” column.
Then I installed Cubase 10 Artist.
Now every time I start it I get a dialog with a warning: “Some content could not be loaded… Padshop 2 Presets…”

  1. Seems like there is a problem with Cubase 10.5 Artists uninstallers - something was left behind.
  2. How do I fix this? I assume I have to delete something somewhere, but I’m not sure what. Cubase 10 Artist has some edition of Padshop too - I don’t want to break it.


Hi and welcome,

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