Cubase 10.5 audio track occasional silence


I have started using Cubase 10.5 lately and have a strange audio track related issue. I’m testing with one of the new 10.5 demo tracks, Flabbergasted by Jef Gibbons (great track!) and sometimes the two audio tracks get silent without any cpu/audio spike on the performance meter, no gui lag, etc, they just stop playing in the middle of the track. Then they come back in a few seconds later, like nothing happened. The meters on the mixer and in the arrange window do not show any activity, like there was no audio region on track.

I’ve tried quite a few things without any luck, increased the disk preload option to 6 seconds in the audio preferences, also adjusted both Halion Sonic’s and Groove Agent’s performance settings to use more RAM instead of disk, but that didn’t help either. Then i moved the project to another empty ssd drive and voila, the project just plays fine, the audio tracks are playing all the time, no problems at all. The original ssd i have used is solely for audio work, i store my samples, presets and projects on it and i always thought that ssd drives can handle a lot of audio tracks, and i’m wondering what could be the issue with playing back two 44.1/16 audio files, weighing ca 45 and 11 megabytes. I didn’t have similar problems with other daws (live, reason). I also downloaded and played the same project in a different directory on the original drive just to see if the first version was corrupted somehow, but it had the same problem.

Then i have measured the ssd drives’ performance (see attached pictures, A is the original one, B is the empty one which managed to play the track fine) and it turned out that the original drive is significantly slower then the others, but i’m still wondering if this is the root cause. I have checked the SMART statuses, both disks seem fine.

These are the specs:

SSD drive A (original, slower one, picture A): Kingston SA400S37480G 480GB
SSD drive B (empty one, playing fine, picture B): Crucial CT525MX300SSD1 525GB
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (1909)
Cubase: 10.5 Pro
Soundcard: Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen, set to 48khz, 256 samples buffer
CPU: Intel i7-7700K @ 4.2GHz, no overclocking
VGA: Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 580 Pulse 4GB
VST Audio System prefs: Multi Processing ON, ASIO-Guard ON, Steinberg Audio Power Scheme ON, Processing Precision 32 bit float

I’m not familiar with optimal SSD speed requirements, so i can’t judge the CrystalDiskMark results, but i would appreciate if someone could confirm if the slower results could be the issue, or maybe it’s something OS-related, or i should move the original drive to another slot on the mainboard, etc. Thank you!