Cubase 10.5 Auto Closes when I bring up MS Word and other programs

I am having a recurring problem in that Cubase 10.5 randomly closes without warning or saving when I do certain things. The one I have noticed consistently is whenever I open MS Word, if Cubase is open, it immediately closes without warning or saving. The only thin I have done recently is changed my interface from a Focusrite Liquid 56 to an RME Fireface 802 which I am using in USB, not Firewire. Other than that my settings have not changed recently to merit anything like this happening. Any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

I expect Cubase crashes.
Could you attach a crash/dmp file, please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder or Crash Reports in macOS 10.15 (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Hi Martin, thank you for responding. I looked in my CrashDumps folder and there are no dmp files newer than 2016, as if I had not had a crash since then… One thing I noticed is that when I have had crashes in the past, when I get back into Cubase there is some sort of acknowledgement that the system crashed and generally gives me an option to re-establish the session. But with this problem there is absolutely no recognition from Cubase that it closed in the middle of a session, which I find odd. I have to go to the latest auto-backup file to make sure I did not lose any changes, but that is my only safeguard…

Hi Martin, I actually found the CrashDump file, I was looking in the wrong place… here is the latest DMP of a crash that just happened. I was unable to upload the DMP file here so here’s a Dropbox link to the file.


This crash is from Cubase 10.5.12. If you are still using Cubase 10.5.12, update to the latest 10.5.20, please. If you are using 10.5.20 already, this DMP file is not related to the crash you are facing.

If you would update and the crash would still happen, attach a new *.dmp file from Cubase 10.5.20, please.

Yesterday I updated to 10.5.20 and it worked fine all day, then this morning I just had a crash. Here’s the link to the CMP file.


Thank you for the DMP file. I can see more of these crashes here on the forum. Interesting is, I didn’t see these crashes in the past and it was present on Cubase 11 so far. This is the very 1st time, when I can see it on Cubase 10.5.

Do you use Dropbox application, by any chance? Is it always logged in at your system? Or do you use similar service (Microsoft OneDrive, or is OneDrive enabled, earn you bring up MS Word)? Thank you for more details in this area.

Reported to Steinberg.

Hi @Boneyard65,

What MS Word version exactly do you use, please?

Hi Martin! happy new year. I am using MS Windows 10 Home. Today I have been in contact with Steinberg Tech support, who concluded it is a problem with the opengl32.dll , which is a graphics component, and said I should contact Microsoft for support. I contacted MS and after updating the video card, the problem persisted and they said it is a problem with Cubase and contact Steinberg… at this point I don’t know what to do… the MS guys suggested that I should reinstall Cubase, which I am a little hesitant to do because I fear the set up process. I was thinking of upgrading to 11 anyway, would this be the equivalent of reinstalling 10.5? thoughts welcomed! thanks again!

Just saw your other question… yes, I do use Dropbox and I am always logged in to it. But frankly I don’t use it all that often so I have had to log off and lot in only to use it it would not be a problem for me…

Oh also, something worthy of note. The MS tech asked me if I had changed anything in my computer recently. The only things I have changed are: 1) I upgraded my audio interface to an RME Fireface 802, which I am using USB, and 2) I installed Native Instruments Kontact player to be able to use a Strings collection I bought form a third party. My system worked fine for a while after I changed the interface, so I don’t think that’s it. But come to think of it, my problems started around the same time I installed the NI Kontact player and Strings VST.


Actually there is no setup process. All your preferences remains, all the plug-ins remains, it’s just simple reinstallation (I would strongly recommend to reinstall as administrator).

It’s a bit different, because you would have 2 applications then. The preferences should be migrated from Cubase 10.5 to Cubase 11, so from this point of view, it should behave the same.

You could try to install Cubase 11 Trial.


Just for test, could you try to log out from the Dropbox and maybe even close their application? Does it help?

Pardon the ignorance, but do I need to unistall Cubase 10.5 and thein reinstall it?

Ok, I uninstalled and reinstalled 10.5 but the problem persists…

I also logged out of Dropbox and deleted OneDrive altogether since I never use it, but problem still there… argh!


Thank you for the report. Lets’ wait for a response from Steinberg.

Sounds good, thanks for your help Martin. FYI, I went ahead and upgraded to Cubase 11, problem persists though…


What exact MS Word version do you use, please? Could you have a look to the About screen, please?

Do you use Waves plug-ins? Do you have Waves v9 or v10 or newer, please? What Cubase’s windows/plug-ins are open, when you switch to MS Word, please? What CPU and GPU do you have, please?

I use MS Word 2007. I do use many Waves plugins, but the one I use most and are typically open when the crash happens are the Scheps 73 EQ, the CLA Epic (v12.0), PuigTec EQs (v10), CLA-2A (v9.9), and the Scheps Omni Channel (v9.92).

My processor is Intel® Core ™ i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00GHz, 4 Cores. My GPU is Intel® Graphics 530 with 1GB Adapter RAM, driver version

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