Cubase 10.5 blocking after some hours on Catalina

Hi Community,
I have Cubase 10.5 on Catalina (both since yesterday). Apart from the known and reported AND confirmed issue of the audio and video file import, I noted another annoying “feature” today: After, say, 2 hours of intense work (mixing with high audio buffer of 1024, no recording), the “spiral of death” appears and practically blocks Cubase for a considerable period. Cubase 10 works as usual, with the same settings. The only “solution” is to stop and restart Cubase 10.5, which is easier said than done, as the spiral of death blocks me from a controlled save and shutdown of the program. Not very user friendly.


It is the same as Mojave then. It’s bad, but nice to know that it is not OS version specific. However it seems like windows users have not this issue.