Cubase 10.5 Bug on this?

I have created a second output and routed it fine via a new channel strip in my audio interface mixer. Now this happens.
When I now rout an audio track to this output: no signal.but still signal when switching back to the first output bus in cubase.
Them I restart Cubase and now I can here the audio track by the second bus, but not on the first.
I think thats a crazy bug. Do somebody now this???


Are you sure the issue is in Cubase? Isn’t in the Channel Strip (Mixer) of your Audio Device?

yes, because I just tried the same in cubase 5 and there its working. CUbase 10.5 is so buggy. what to do now?


Could you attach some screenshots, please?

Sorry, its a bug in cubase. also after updating to 10.5.30.
I have no screenshots. I figured out this: I have 2 audio tracks. When I switch one of the two to another output the output isnt heared. By switching the output of the first track to the other output and then back to the second audio track it works.
All in all: its a f**** bug

in other words: it works randomly.

I always have to switch to another track and then back to the one track. It seems that something is not updating corrective

could also be the driver from my old audio interface


Didn’t I ask this in my first post?

Hey Martin,
i can finally say that this is a cubase pro 10.5 bug. I am now using fireface from rme. Same problem when routing new stereo outs to the fireface mixer. Only by switching in cubase between two tracks I can work around this bug. thats crazy for a pro tool