Cubase 10.5 buzzkill

Cubase artist error.PNG
Upgraded to 10.5…usual hiccups but I go back to VST24 days,so its normal to have installation difficulties–I’m cool–

… Re-installed Cubase again since thats how it goes–I’m cool–

… missing/no Padshop2 presets,but thats normal and always happens,but I will spend an hour or two to sort that–I’m cool–

… Generic Remote just fu**d up because it does that…

… ELicencer error showing no licence,maintenance function freezes my computer,but I will check MySteinberg and sort that out–

…unable to launch Cubase 10.5, CTD… not cool. Love Cubase,but what a buzzkill it can be.
Halion error.PNG

Do you have an older dongle?

I had many strange problems for a while, I would have to reinsert my dongle, I would have to tilt it to the left to make stuff work.

My dongle was from 2004, I bought a new one and all my problems were gone - Cubase even started way faster.

Hi Glenn–thanks for the reply. Yes,my dongle is an older one. I tried to place the dongle in various usb ports to troubleshoot,since I had an error message suggesting doing that.(Never have had that error come up before-and any usb port has never been a problem.)I also re-installed the full Cubase 10.5(!)again and although up and running again I am not sure of the reason why.
I also keep getting the “Fingerprint” error although I have gone round and round with ELicenser re-installs/maintenance/Helper etc.
My post was definitely fueled by frustration with the usual Cubase bs(there is always something to deal with).The black-hole of GenericRemote…ugh.
I updated my Ableton Live DAW also-- zero hassle.Zero problems.Midi learn is quick and recalled automatically.
Now…whats going on with ReWire??:unamused: