Cubase 10.5 Conforming To New Picture

Hello all,
I’ve been using ProTools to write music for TV and film for a long time. I am now switching to Cubase 10.5. I am having trouble conforming my music to new version of the picture without altering my tempo track nor the position of the video in the timeline. Both these factors are extremely important. I tried warp grid but it changes the tempo track, no matter what I do. I tried moving my cue around manually and it works but then all my bar numbers are wrong…
I am attaching a little video of how ProTools does it. In PT you can edit the “session start” (which is a written into any MIDI files BTW), represented by a red diamond. Moving the red diamond around the timeline causes all the tracks that are in tick based mode (in Cubase lingo this would be musical mode) along with the tempo track all automations and it retains bar numbers. Do you know an easy way to do it in Cubase?
Thanks in advance

First, I’m very new to working with video - I’ve only edited one so far. So I’m just taking a guess here from what little I know.

Does Set Timecode at Cursor (from the Project menu) do what you need?

Also, I found this previous discussion that may shed some light on your issue, although I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you’re asking.

Wish I could be of more help. Maybe someone who knows more will see this soon.

welcome on board Aulicon! :slight_smile:
I also deal with film and audio.
the question is, would it not be easier to move the film event? :wink:
otherwise there are several ways to move events and big content in the arrange window:

  • SF_Green has mentioned a solution, “Set Timecode at cursor”.
  • Another way is to select all events (STRG+A) and group them (STRG+G), move stuff, then ungroup.
  • To use a folder ist also a great solution for this: drag all tracks into it, then move this folder in arrange.
  • Macros in Cubase are also very useful. Fast workflow! I have built a great “Ripple editing” function. If you are interested in this, I can post that.


Thank you all for your precious suggestions. Unfortunately none of the above will work for me:
-moving the video will cause a timecode mismatch that will hunt me in delivery (the audio I deliver must spot to the correct timecode position in relationship to the original video timecode)
-set timecode at cursor feature will cause a timecode mismatch (same as above)
-I can put all the tracks (except video) in a folder and them move stuff around but that will not retain bar numbers…
It seems like at this time conforming in Cubase it’s still a no go.

Hi Aullcon,

Unfortunately Cubase doesn’t have the ability to move the timeline independently of video like PT does. However, using a third party video hosting application works amazingly well with Cubase. I personally use VideoSlave and it’s really great. If you go with a third party app like VS then SF_Green’s suggestion of set project timecode position will work. That’s how I do things.

Hope that helps.