Cubase 10.5. constant crashing WIN 10 64bit


My Cubase 10.5 keeps crashing constantly even with empty project… The whole program is basically unusable because of this stability issue.

Here’s the latest crashdump:

Hi and welcome,

The crash is in Microsoft Windows AcLayers library.

Thanks. Anyone else having the same problem? Or any solutions for this? My Cubase is unusable at the moment…


It seems to be related to Nvidia driver. Read this thread, please (German one, sorry). I hope this will help.

The issue cannot be nvidia as I am radeon user. Arrggghhh… Still continues after reinstalling the dlls, reinstalling cubase 10.5.10 and running ddu cleaner!

My Cubase is unusable at the moment!

Now the problem is ucrtbase.dll…

My hardware:
Gigabyte Aorus x470 Ultra
Ryzen 5 3600
Sapphire Nitro+ RX5700 XT
2x 16gb G.Skill Flare 3200 cl14
2x Adata 1gb m.2 8200 pro
Corsair rm750x

ucrtbase.dll… crt - cathode ray tube… is a display dll, I would suppose, so display related (old acronyms are still in use a lot).

I had to set my Windows 7 display to use one of the Aero Themes… I would suppose you can try the same on Windows 10.
Without setting to Aero, Cubase 10.0.50 would not run at all (wouldn’t start up) and just threw a warning.

Another thing might be lowering resolution or try using a different monitor.

The worst solution, imo, would to downgrade your software version.

I’m sure somebody here will certainly have a lot more info than I do, but hope it helps you arrive at a solution.

Is your system OC’ed?

I’m runnin two screens on their native 1920x1080.

At the moment my CPU is OCd at 4,2ghz. This way cubase is more stable than it was on stock settings. Will try the aero theme.