Cubase 10.5 CPU peaks issues


Like many other ones, I have problems with Cubase 10.5 that I didn’t have with Cubase 10.

I’m not home for a while (you will easily guess why) so I am working on my laptop, not as efficient as my main computer. My laptop is a MacBook Pro Retina end 2013 running Sierra OS, 2,6 GhZ and only 8 Go RAM. I know it’s not big with today’s standard, but…

I made a demo with 10 instances of Kontakt using a bank which is quite low in terms of Ram usage (less than 30 Mo per instrument) - to be precise : Infinite Brass, by Aaron Venture (a wonderful bank by the way).

It stops playing back with Cubase 10.5. I tried open it in Cubase 10 : it works perfectly.

Why did I upgrade? I wonder.