Cubase 10,5 crash after one hour

2020-12-13T23:00:00Z I dont know why my cubase 10,5 crashes after one hour or so? I was using cubase 9 artist for a few years with no problem, even with crack plugins. Now i have only original plugins, make a new update , make an update for groove agent 5 se, but stil not working ? I would like to contact someone from technical suport of steinberg but couldnt finde any simple email where to send it? I dont know how to send crushdump file into this meil because simply it can not be posible to copy and paste the dmp file, so i dont know do i have to open in some extra program and then send it or what? Do i need to reinstal cubase or what? Realy dont know what to do . Thanks for any information,

ouch !

you can upload your .dmp file here and somebody might take a look.
Zip it up first

Alternatively post more details and somebody may also help. If you are on windows then take a look in the event logs

Thank you for so fast respond :slight_smile: I zip a file try to uploud but its say that new user can not upload the atacment ? So how can i send the dmp file? Must be computer programer or what :slight_smile:

you need to hang around a bit longer :slight_smile:

post details as requested and somebody may help

Hope so :slight_smile:Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Cubase 64bit 2021.1.29 (160.2 KB)