Cubase 10.5 crash on exit

I am getting really tired of Cubase never closing down properly.
It just always hangs when I close it. I had this problem since Cubase 10 and have learned to live with it, but it is downright annoying.

Anyone know how to get rid of this?
I’m on Windows 10, latest updates always.

The only time mine has done this is due to a plugin. I’d check removing them all and adding one at a time. I’m on win 10 with latest 10.5 version.

I used to have this issue, every time at first, but I don’t anymore but I’m not sure why.
I started to run as admin, and that might have fixed it, but sometimes I dont and i still dont get the issue.
Another thing i did was to disable Dropbox running in the background. Not sure if that was the fix, but CB became a lot more stable after i did these two.