Cubase 10.5 CRASH on Import Audio

Open brand new project, or any project for that matter and choose a track.
Go to File, scroll down and choose “Import Audio”
Crashes repeatedly 100% of the time.

If you drag and drop an audio file into the track view workspace, everything works.
This is also true of video, crashes when 'Import Video" is chosen but drag and drop works everytime.

Anybody else?

Cubase 10.5.5
Mackbook Pro 16
16 Gigs Memory
1TB SSD internal, 2TB SSD external
2x2 USB Core Audio


This is an known (and already many times reported here) issue of Cubase 10.5.0 and 10.5.5. As you wrote, the workaround is to drag and drop the file (from File Explorer/Finder or MediaBay) to Cubase.

It happens the same to me, please let us know when solved!!!


Forgot to mention… I upgraded to Catalina… :frowning:


It will be mentioned in the Version History PDF, once Cubase release an update, if it will be fixed (I believe so).

Also still seeing the problem as of 10.5.5, also using the same workaround. It boggles my mind that this problem made its way into 2 major releases, Steinberg. This is NOT okay.


10.5.5 was just a hot fix with one specific fix. No other bug had been fixed there by purpose.

For me it’s already solved with the last update. Thanks…


Confirmed, this has been fixed since Cubase 10.5.10 update.

The last 3 versions of Cubase have all been doing this for me. Even in the latest version of Cubase 12 the problem still persists here on Windows 10.

This is getting very annoying indeed.