Cubase 10.5 crashes at "VST 2.x Manager" (macOS)

Hi there,

I had Cubase up and running today and did some work today and came back later only to find Cubase not launching anymore. I get a spinning beachball at the “VST 2.x Manager” line and then it just crashes.

Dissecting the crash file, I could nail this down to the Reaktor 6 vst I have installed.

Reinstalling didn’t do anything (I did remove the vst’s first of course). And I also did a quick Disk Repair with the Disk Utility (which found a few errors). The SSD I am using is 3 years old, Samsung EVO :frowning: I hope it’s not the drive…?

Anyways, after re-installing the VST and testing it successfully in another VST host, I am at a loss. What has happened here?

Can send crash file in a PM if requested


Get in contact with Native Instruments, please.

Yup, already done :+1:

What I don’t get is how it suddenly stops working out of nothing. Really strange. I didn’t even use Reaktor in a while. I really hope it is not a hardware problem either…we will see.


Maybe Reaktor’s auto-update?

I looked into the update log for Reaktor 6 and the most recent update was in Autumn 2021…that’s quite a while ago.

Something weird just happened. I just put back the Reaktor 6.vst and Reaktor 6 FX.vst into the VST folder in /Library/Audio/Plugins/VST and Cubase just launches normally!

I closed Cubase and launched it again - still launches properly.

NI just sent me a support tool to check for my configuration but I suppose it is meaningless now :stuck_out_tongue: