Cubase 10.5 Crossfade Unavailable

Hey Producer Friends!

Got a really weird problem.

On cubase 10.5 I can’t crossfade at all. the option is greyed out. It tried everything but no luck so far. It just stopped working like a week ago.

On cubase 9 everything works fine.

Any clues? Losing my mind here

Hi and welcome,Hi,

Are you sure, you are using Audio Events, not Audio Parts, please?

I’ve seen this… I had to delete my “preferences” under users/xxx/appdata/roaming/steinberg/cubase

I figure there was a specific corrupted preference causing thing, but I never did figure out exactly what. It meant I needed to rebuild most of my Cubase environment, so now I make a backup of that folder.

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Using Audio Events. Someone recommended deleting my preferences folder and said it helps. Does it really help?


You can try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], first. Or you can backup the preferences folder (move it to other destination) and reuse it, if it wouldn’t help.