Cubase 10.5 delay midi

Hello! Today I faced such a problem-the sound in the project suddenly disappeared. After the reboot, everything was restored. But the sound from the MIDI keyboard began to lag behind! With any buffer size settings! Created a new project, everything is good! I copied files from the old project to the new project and am working on it. But I am tormented by the question - what happened to the old one? I tried to reboot and reinstall the sound card drivers and changed the Cubase settings. Not help. If this is because of the sound card drivers, I have an old e-Mu Delta 1010, then why are all the other projects doing well?


Could you share the project? I would be interested, if I could reproduce it here on my side.

OK, I will try it. I think, I will do it without audio? I think, result will be same.

Project is here:


I have opened the project here. I cannot reproduce it. It works as expect. No delay (different from other projects).

very strange