Cubase 10.5 Demo Projects

I’m trying to learn about Marika using strings.
On my project the vst says “No vst instrument”. So how do i get to the vst instruments she used ?

Are these demo projects locked up so that we can’t get any meaningful info’ from them ?
I’m trying to get the Marika use of strings but evrything is locked and the vst instruments for the dtrings are non existent.

Try watching the video on the page where you downloaded the demo projects where she explains everything in detail.

Aah ! Thanks MrSoundman i realise now i need the full Halion Sonic 3 and not the cut down SE version that were given with 10.5

But of course you can still play around with the demo and substitute sounds that are available to you …

Thanks Mr Soundman. I’m thinking of buying the Halion Sonic 3 but Steinberg are that slow to reply to buyers questions it’s a wonder they ever sell anything

i see Marika is using Iconica strings in Halion Sonic 3.
Does Iconica come free with Halion Sonic 3 or Does Halion Sonic 3 come free with Iconica ?

Great work really helps a lot

I made this record using Cubase 5. It features Rami from Foo Fighters, Gabe from Cake, Dusty from The Sonics and a bunch of others.

I’m actually trying to figure out the upgrade process for Cubase now so I can get to 10.5.

Hi can someone pls confirm which version of padshop i have with cubase pro 10.5. My version says padshop pro and it dosent work. I gather there is an update for padshop 2 but does this apply to what i have installed. Thanks been waiting for a reply for sometime.

Iconica comes with Halion sonic SE version.
Iconica is not a part of any package and You have to buy it separately.

Thanks JSL
No wonder Marika sounds good if she’s got hundereds of pounds of software

Anyone seeing error messages on loading about missing content / files? I looked again into the Paul Marx demo and now I start wondering if I really have all what should be there…some mix channels have automation but no audio. But I first thought the audio in ins GA and Padshop.
Sure, it is not a very dense song, but I believed it’s how it should be.
Maybe there is really missing stuff?
One thing I noticed today: I played the demo a while ago with no issues, but now it stops during playback in the end of the song…really weird.

I watched his Youtube video of the demo again and now I am also thinking there is a lot missing in the demo files on the Steinberg website.
Pitty and strange.
Perhaps it was intentionally?

I cannot understand those who claim that the Paul Marx demo it works properly. Some files for Padshop are definitely not included in his demo file. I was able to solve this by downloading Paul Marx free “Shoplifter” Preset Bundle which I found on his Youtube channel which includes all used samples and patches used. Now all tracks works as intended. It’s a pity that Steinberg, after putting in the energy to produce a demo, neglects it by not ensuring the end quality.

hi, i recently purchased elements 10.5 and am having some trouble learning it and getting it do some things i want
i used cubase 5 for many years and had no problems at all, but this has me stumped, i’m embarrased to say
~ for starters, when i import a midi song the tempo is incorrect and is always 120, how can i correct this
~ also, when i double click a track it opens up to show the notes, but i want to see the set up information at the beginning at the song so i can edit it. in cubase 5 you highlighted the track, and hit control G and it all opened up digitally revealing everything in that track digitally…how can i access this?
~ also when i colour the tracks how can i save them that way so that each time the colours show up automatically? each time i open it they are allways grey
i would appreciate any help you may offer
thanks so much ~ robbie :wink:

Ho Robbie,

I’d rather recommend to use the various Cubase sources in Youtube and other forums, instead of asking your application specific question in this threat.


These Demos REALLY helped me with Gain Staging - my reading and research had me setting levels a very tiny bit low and the sound was not what I used to get - these projects showed me the levels are really better a bit higher - Thanks!

You forgot Austin Hull from “Make Pop Music” YouTube channel, guys. This guy has much more subscribers and make tons of Cubase vids.

This is a great idea. Please do one with Marco Minnemann. Maybe someone like Misha Manor as well. I don’t do electronic music so I’d love to see how they set up those types of projects.