Cubase 10.5 Drag and Drop Midi import : no label

Hi Everyone
I am using Native Instruments Studio Drummer through Kontakt Player with Cubase 10.5.
When I drag and drop a groove into Cubase Midi or Kontakt track the midi comes across but with no label.
Has anyone else faced same problem and if so how resolved ?


What do you mean by “label”? Do you mean the name of the MIDI Part?

Yes the name of the midi part . When drag and drop from NI Studio Drummer then names does not appear in the MIDI Part in the track . If I use Cubase, File/Import and import use the original studio drummer midi file from file location in Windows Explorer then the midi part appears in track with correct name , obviously this is far less convenient.


I have tried with Groove Agent. If I drag and drop a pattern to a new track (i.e. to an empty space to force Cubase to create a new track), the preset number and the pattern name has been used as the track name & the MIDI Part name.

If I drop it to the existing MIDI/Instrument track, the MIDI Part overtakes the track name (as specified). Does it work different way with NI Kontakt, please?

Thanks for the suggestion , yes I have now tried with Groove Agent and the preset number and patter name comes across to the MIDI part . Same does not work from Kontakt / Studio Drummer , when drag and drop the part comes across with title Kontakt 01 both as the track title and the midi part name.