Cubase 10.5 Elements Soft eLicense vs. Catalina: fixed?

The last time I investigated Cubase 10.x Elements on macOS Catalina, I discovered licensing was restricted to USB key, and soft eLicenser was temporarily not an option until further notice:

However, the latest release notes for eLicenser Control includes (emphasis added):

eLicenser Control Version
Build Date
Mac/Win 2019-11-12
Bug Fixes
Mac/Win SynsoPOS: Fixed macOS 10.15 (Catalina) Soft-eLicenser compatibility issue.

Question: Is it now possible to install Cubase 10.5 Elements on macOS Catalina using Soft-eLicenser for the license?

Thank you.


Yes, with the latest eLCC version, you can use Cubase Elements 10.5 on macOS Catalina with Soft-eLicenser.

Great news! Thanks. But why is the official announcement contradicting?

Will the announcement be updated soon to reflect the change?


The list you linked to has non been updated. Cubase Element 10.5 is not been mentioned there. You can see the news here.

I completed install of latest eLicense Control and Cubase 10.5 Elements on Catalina – and can confirm all seems well. Thanks!