Cubase 10.5 elements upgrade question

Hi all hope you’re doing well

This is probably a dumb question with an obvious answer but I just thought I’d confirm anyway. I have been using Cubase elements for a couple of months and decided to upgrade to artist. I’m aware that a USB elicencer is required which I also purchased with it. In order to keep being able to use Cubase I should wait for the licenser to arrive before downloading and activating artist right? If I download artist and activate it without the dongle I’m not going to be able to use it at all until it arrives? Given the issues with COVID and delivery of items I have no idea when the licenser will be delivered, so I’m better off just using elements for now?

Hi and welcome,

You cannot activate Cubase Artist without the USB-eLicenser at all.

So you can download and install Cubase Artist already. Once the USB-eLicenser arrive, you can activate it.

The fastest way to get an USB-eLicenser is to visit your local store.

I’ve just done exactly this upgrade. The USB eLicenser was ordered on 27th July, arrived 30th July. Delivery was tracked.