Cubase 10.5 eLicense query

I should preface this to say that I have a support request open with support (opened 11th July) but with only a few days left until the upgrade discount window closes I hoped someone here may be able to help me. Apologies for the mostly copy/pasted text from my support request

I’m tempted to upgrade to Cubase Pro 10.5 while it has a nice discount but wanted to double check the upgrade process and how my licence would work.

When adding the upgrade to the store basket there doesn’t seem to be a check that my licence is compatible for the upgrade path, I’m sure it should be but it’s been 10 years since I purchased so want to be sure. (Here for completeness but I don think those on the forum can help here)

I use a USB E-Licenser dongle which allows me to use Cubase 5 on both my Mac and PC. Is this system the same and would an upgrade license simply upgrade the E-License to 10.5? (Reading the website. Boxed versions come with a dongle and download purchases do not, so I’m concerned about compatibility when I upgrade online).

Being able to use install Cubase on 2 devices was a major selling point when I purchased and I don’t want to lose this.

A compatibility query -

I am only able to install up to OS 10.13.6 High Sierra on my MBP. (My windows version is W10 2004). Cubase 9 would be compatible on my Mac and 10.5 on my PC so would my eLicenser licence me “up to” 10.5 and I could install Cubase 9 on my mac? (I’m most likely to start a project on my mac and move to my PC so not too worried about project compatibility going back the other way)

Thanks in advance for your help with my slew of compatibility and license queries

You can just go ahead and buy the upgrade online if you already have the USB dongle.
The answer to all you other questions is YES to them all.

Thanks KHS,

A beautifully concise reply. Time to Jump on my PC and upgrade.

Then watch a lot of tutorials as it looks like the interface has changed a fair amount in the last 10 years.