Cubase 10.5-Expession Maps- where are they saved too?

Where in the system does Cubase 10.5 save Expression Maps to?
I’ve reinstalled Cub 10.5 from the ground up.
Previously I have created custom E. Maps all the way back from Cubase 7 (I believe this is when E. Maps became available). However when I look for my original E. Maps in an attempt to load one of them I cannot I find any folder location labeled E. Maps anywhere in the Steinberg programs on my OS.
When I create a new Map and attempt to save it, Cubase routes me back to the existing Project as the “Save” location.
And for all of the info about Exp. Maps on the Steinberg home page and in the Cubase manual, I cannot find any answer as to where the location that E. Maps are saved to.
Thanks in advance!