Cubase 10.5 - Exported video is ....color filtered ??


After video export the .mp4 movie looks strange - as any video effect is plugged - the red color turns to blue, blue turns to yellow …a lot funny. It is the same - no mater which player I use after that - Windows media Player or VLC Media Player.

I switched from Win 7 to Win 10 - fresh copy. After that I installed Cubase Elements 10.5 - fresh copy.
The imported video is from my smartphone and the format is .mp4.

  1. Before import in Cubase the colors looks normal.
  2. After import in Cubase and playing it - the view in Video player (F8) looks normal
  3. After the export … everything is filtered - red turn in blue, blue in yellow …???
  • The video card is Nvidia Quadro K2000. I even updated the driver - current version is from 24.02.2020 - the result is the same.
  1. With other old videos - the result is the same.

Thank you in advance !

After different tests made - the result is that this color-filtering effect after export comes only for movies made from one device (smartphone). Clips made from other devices don’t have such effect after export.
The file format is the same - mp4 but the effect is different - not clear why. For now partly the problem is solved.