Cubase 10.5 Feedback Survey

We created a new feedback survey on Cubase 10.5. Your participation would be much appreciated and it helps us a lot to improve Cubase in your interest. Please take your time and check out Cubase 10.5 a couple of days and then let us know what you think. Also if you are considering not to update, please let us know why and what feature you are missing.

Cubase 10.5 Feedback Survey


Ok, now in English:

Funny, when I start the survey in German, I am asked if my profession is “Hop Hop, Jazz, Rock etc.” :smiley:
Further on in the survey questions are all related to Cubase 10 and not 10.5. :question:

Lustig, wenn ich die Umfrage in Deutsch starte, werde ich u.a. gefragt, ob mein Beruf “hop Hop, Jazz, Rock oder oder” ist :laughing:
Weiter im Frage Katalog geht es dann nur noch um Cubase 10 und nicht 10.5…


#1 for future… Gapless audio engine.

Hopefully this improvement will eliminate all the short audio issues (gaps) heard when changing tracks, vst’s, etc.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Would a Gapless Audio engine be the top feature if it involved a complete, ground-up rewrite of major parts of Cubase, slowing down development of new features, potentially resulting in existing features disappearing, and almost certainly creating years worth of new bugs that needed to be hunted down? I imagine that’s at least a real possibility considering how core the audio engine is to Cubase and how many years of code has been written on top of it.

I’d say, “yes: gapless audio engine” if it’s quick and easy, but if the effort would be somewhat akin to a major, ground-up rewrite of a core feature that could impact everything in Cubase…I’ll pass on that. Wouldn’t be worth the effort just to eliminate a few milliseconds of stutter as I insert a new effect or whatever.

Sonar tried for years and years to make their audio engine “more gapless” with each release. I’m not sure if they ever even got there, and the process was painful. There’s like 20 or 30 other things I’d like to see Steinberg improve before I’d ask them to rewrite the audio engine.

The only things I want are performance, stability and some songwriting app built-in.

How many synths do you need? If you can’t make a decent noise with what’s already there then you need to give up music forever. Take up knitting. There lots of colours of wool.

I liked the feature request list. Many of those will be great to have in cubase since many of those features have been a standard in other daws for many years now (like gapless audio engine, fast start up, multi track warp etc…).

But I’m afraid by the time Steinberg implements these features and cathes up with other daws with those features by that time other daws will have other new standard features that we cubase users will be wanting.

After trying out Studio One recently, Cubase is starting to feel and look its age. I’m not leaving (yet), but I think a re-write is exactly what’s needed. Gapless audio is an absolute must in 2019, never mind 2020!

Disagree apart from a few windows that need to be updated which I’m sure is next. They re-did the Key Commands window, guess Preferences and VST Connections are next.

How does gapless audio work with latency compensation?

Regarding the audio engine, it was rewritten for Cubase 8, that would be 5 years ago. It’s stated that the entire engine was completely rebuilt.

Statement from Steinberg, at “What’s new in Cubase 8”:

Massive engine rebuild: Cubase 8 is probably the most efficient DAW software available today. For this version we > completely rebuilt the entire engine > that runs Cubase to make it much faster, more fluid, more snappy.

Anyway, “gapless” didn’t make it in that rewrite, obviously. But I doubt that really another complete rewrite is needed to make it “gapless”, as speculated about here. It should be less drastic (but I don’t know of course).

And the Pool window. Yes, lots of windows (and lots of plugins) have been updated for the last few versions. A few left to handle to be done.

The HiDPI mode is still very poor. Some VST’s GUI (Avenger, Arturia etc.) looks bad and are impossible to use on big screens. Unfortunately, this happens ONLY in Cubase (!).

you already asked us this and ignored the results ?

bear in mind that number “2. Export to video” was already in Nuendo so was likely already done

why are you continuing to ask ?

Multi-track Warp has been on the list FOREVER! Yet we are still being asked to rank it?!

Give us the chance of leaving the original video resolution on the “export video” feature, please.

I want programmable macro buttons on the area above the project or below if needed.
Just simple squares you can click that are tied to what you want them to do like project logical editor presets or whatever

No one ever said the list is a guarantee and the devs also have to weigh between what is actually discussed on the forums, is logical and what was voted for. tbh, a lot of what was voted for into the top 10 is really not that important.

thank’s for that valuable insight - I shall have to have a serious rethink :unamused:

I’d presume someone is already half way through doing the Gapless thing, depending on how many top priorities it, would see more resources dumped into getting it done in time.

Once one starts to seriously improve, flying around Cubase like second nature, it is the single most annoying thing. I didn’t even notice it at first but now it really irritates me. I’m still quite slow compared to others so no doubt that irritation will grow, as do I.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Lets see this happen.

Fix the graphic errors in the mixer to… I don’t mean the subjective taste choices (1 thing pleases another hates), I mean the actual errors. If you can’t see them, employ someone who can.

Potentially, have you considered it?

Good point

Quality in anything you do? At least if it is n German!

The survey is completely outdated >> all about Cubase 10 and not 10.5!
And the translation is horribly wrong!

But nobody cares as it seems…