Cubase 10.5 Feedback Survey

You know… I do not know why Cubase is sitting on Clip based recording. It has been asked for a for a LONG time and I was really hoping they would do something about it… Not yet. No new midi mapping… ugh :confused:

Having spent the weekend playing with 10.5, initial thoughts are.

  1. I didn’t think Colorized Mixer Channels would be that important, but it added a much-needed splash of colour to the otherwise very dark v10. To be honest I find the GUI a bit more warm and friendly than the previous grim and dark environment, a surprising but big thumbs up on this one.

  2. Padshop, new mode sounds great, but its a real shame that like Retrolouge the GUI is too small on my almost 4K Ultrawide. Guys you need to either make the GUI bigger or resizable… I know despite the sound, it’s just too small for comfortable working and I’m going to ignore this otherwise fine instrument. HIDPI is not a solution.

  3. The send to another instrument feature in the sample track is broken and you can’t send a sample to Padshop… (suspect you just missed this)

  4. Love the Tap Delay, but it’s not exactly easy on the CPU.

That’s about all I really had time for, I suspect some of the other features may come in handy later, like track import and the comparison EQ but was it worth £50. To be honest the extra colour has made me feel happier with Cubase and that’s worth a lot personally, Padshop would be nice if only I could see it. And the Multitap is fun but not essential. Guys it seems a shame you have gone to so much effort to reskin the plugins and yet you didn’t go vector, opportunity missed, might have helped you make the transition for your instruments.

Also why is Multitap now a different colour to the rest of the plugins…!

Don’t forget your OS has a magnifier, I know it’s not ideal and shouldn’t be needed but it can still help. ‘OS Key’ plus ‘+’ / ‘-’

For some reason every time I open Padshop or Retrologue, Media Bay etc it loads the presets very long. It happened also in v10 while there is no issue on v.9.5 that I still have installed. Maybe there is a function that is not enabled that I missed.

v9.5 was and still is stable as a rock on my system. v10.5 and 10 is having some problems especially when loading large projects. The Mac rainbow wheel of death is appearing more often or Cubase is stalling for no reason. It sometimes causes crashes. I will place here the crash report next time.

The new features are great.

Is the survey broken after language selection?

The second question in German seems to be wrong. I’ll have a look…

[Edit] Fixed!

Many thanks for C10.5.

Among the minor things, I particularly liked that you got rid of some white text on grey backgroud, introduced in C10, that I found horrible (see for example the Snap Type field in the Project Window Toolbar). That improves readability dramatically: please continue that way.

It’s a worthy update just for video export, except you could have easily implemented that for Windows 7 users. Essentially forcing me to upgrade OS mid version, which i will not risk on my main rig, along with 90pc of the rest of your longer term customers (who for a very good reason still use W7). Shocking marketing that was, at the mid point of a version as well. I’d be happy to upgrade if you want to buy me a new 5k rig to experiemnt with W10 on?

Windows 10 is rock solid 0S. Using it professionally for years now. Time to pull the trigger!

There is no point staying on W7. W10 outperforms in in every aspect. Its time to move on.
The longer you wait, the harder the change will be.
They did the right thing to finally ditch W7, end of mainstream support was 2015 and end of the long time support versions is gonna be january 2020.
And the point is, it could not have easily be implemented, because the libraries are missing in W7.

Can’t do the survey because of spinning wheel… have to force quit and go back to previous version…not just me I believe.
sad / angry face.


For now, I’m choosing not to update - because Direct Offline processing is broken.

That means that I can’t actually mix my tracks! DOP often spits back the audio it processes off-time and even causes Cubase to become unresponsive.

I use the CPU-intensive Acustica N4 - because I have some great-sounding libraries. Since I can’t freeze my tracks anymore, and because DOP is unreliable, it’s pointless to upgrade. Actually, it would be a sidegrade, because there would be no vertical movement. (Unless DOP has been totally fixed in 10.5.) Now, I’ve been “updating” for years (from version 6), hoping that Cubase would get better and more convenient. I make very little money. But, I paid to ‘update’ to Cubase 9 and 10, too.

Why should I purchase 10.5 when I can’t even use it to make music?

I posted about this in the ‘Issues’ section, but haven’t even received so much as an acknowledgment that this is an issue.

EDIT: I was wrong. Freezing is still here, even in Cubase 10!

Cubase 10.5 is great but so frustrating as it it hangs so many times when opening new plugins in a mix… having to force quit … cmon Steinberg… whats up man. and i have done all the relevant things to make it work “smoothly”…it doesnt work

This problem exist only for Acustica N4 which for some reason DOP doesn’t calculate the latency. My workaround is after processing to move the audio the amount of milliseconds of its latency, back in time. This thing must be resolved by Acustica.

Thanks for the tips, Arionas!!! I’ll try to implement your workaround. Also, I will report this to Acustica ASAP.

Thanks for the update, Steinberg! 10.5 wouldn’t open an old, non-crucial project that I was working on. But, so far, it’s performing well for me! BTW, freezing is still available. I just hadn’t used Cubase in so long that I forgot where it was. Doh!

Now, I just wanna convince you all to add Group/FX Channel Freezing, Inverse Links and toggles, and this cool range tool stuff to help with clip gain:

Every year I’m buying all updates for Cubase and upgrade Absolute. Please, Santa, hear my TOP 5 features, what I want in Cubase 11.

  1. Scale highlighting in KeyEditor (like in FL Studio)
  2. Scale lock (lock notes which are not in scale, forbid it playing in midi and notes drawing)
  3. KeyEditor left piano GUI. Possibility to change piano buttons to notes symbols like in other DAW.
  4. Possibility to change (move) Tracks positions in the Mixer.
  5. Fast program closing, too slow.

+1 on the feature request (mINUS sANTA).