Cubase 10.5 free upgrade from artist promotion issue

Hi there, I decided to take advantage of the cubase 10.5 promotion where I am supposed to be upgraded to pro if I buy artist. So I paid for artist but have since heard nothing from Steinberg. I’ve sent their support four emails but they seem to be ignoring me which I find very annoying. I have not yet installed or activated artist 10.5. Do you know how I go about receiving the upgrade to pro in this offer? Kind regards, Richard.

As clearly outlined on the update promotion page: Activate your artist license. Everything else will happen automatically.

Confirmed - I did just that a couple of days ago; after entering the activation code the downloadable files showed as Cubase Pro 10.5.20, and that’s exactly what I got. :smiley:

As above.
To the OP, FYI the program for Artist and Pro is the same but the license determines which bits are activated.

I activated the Artist version that I purchased, but I did not got an upgrade to the Pro version. I do not know what to do now…
In my USB eLIcenser it shows that I have the Cubase Artist 10.5 version, the same on my Steinberg account.
How can I get the upgrade to Cubase Pro, please?
Thank you very much!