Cubase 10.5 graphics acting glitchy on fresh Windows 10 install

easing my way into Windows 10 via my laptop.

Windows 10 Home 1903
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.5ghz
Ram: 16gb

All drivers are recent. I am using a second monitor LG Ultra Wide via HDMI out the laptop. I’m in Extended/Dual screen mode, not mirror. I haven’t tested thoroughly if this why.

Problems include:
-Sluggish selection behavior (not sure if it’s just slow graphical update)
-Blocky chunks of UI momentarily going missing
-Icons such as the tool icons momentarily being scrambled
-Events going invisible after drag and drop (mouse hover over them makes them visible again)



I can confirm that the same glitchyness occurs on just the laptop screen with the second monitor disconnected

What if you run Cubase with the built in Intel graphic card. Is it the same?

Where do I see which is being used?

If you right click the Cubase icon on desktop can you see the option to run with graphical processor…? Usually intel chips come with built in graphics card. If you also have nvidia you should be able to choose between the 2. Check the nvidia control panel to see if program is running on it.

thanks I will play around with that

still glitchy when using the intel

here’s another example

none of these issues were/are occurring on my Windows 7 machine running Cubase 10.5