Cubase 10.5 Hang

After working on a project, when I quit Cubase, sometimes it doesn’t quit at all. It just hangs there. I had to force quit, quit it from activity monitor or use task manager on windows. I have checked with fellow producers. This seems to be a common thing for them too. Is there a fix to this bug? Thanks

I’ve experienced that at times as well.

My number 1 suspect is a corrupted Preference file, since Cubase always writes to that when closing.

Does that mean I have to trash the preference and redo it? Man, that’s a lot of work :face_with_head_bandage:

Save your current preset file somewhere else, just in case - but yes, it was a lot of work for me too!
But whenever I get tempted to get to too angry with my computer and the software on it, I try to remember that any sufficiently complex gear breaks from time to time.

And if that doesn’t help with the anger management :exploding_head:, I dial the overdrive on my real guitar amps to 11, grab my guitar with the dirtiest humbuckers and let it rip for half an hour. Most of the time that does it. :innocent:

It’s a minor inconvenience to be honest but I wish it didn’t exist.

Just to add - rebuilding preferences is always a useful first step…but crash on exit can be many things. Often it’s a badly behaved plugin, often 3rd party, that doesn’t unload properly.

There are ways to try to track these down but it gets quite complicated…

As you are on Windows then it’s always worth taking a look in the windows event log (application log) sometimes errors get logged there, although with ‘a hang’ it’s less likely.

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I’m on Mac. I always check the crash logs. 9/10 times it’s either Arousor or Plugin Alliance stuff like refinement, Trigger2.

Does Cubase 11 behave similarly?

there isn’t a change in C11 - it’s almost certainly the plugin developers that need to fix these particular plugins - although it would be great if Steinberg could sandbox plugins…but we can only hope :slight_smile:

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