Cubase 10.5 hesitates after clicking on screen

It’s driving me crazy! Here’s an example - when I click anywhere on the active project screen and push the spacebar straight after (as you would) to play I get a delay of about 1 or 2 seconds before it plays. Then when playing, click anywhere in the active project area and push stop - Cubase waits 1/2 secs before it decides to stop. It doesn’t matter if I click on a region or just an empty space, and it isn’t just play/stop that gets delayed - it’s any editing type action after clicking on the screen.
Just pushing the space bar without clicking the screen starts and stops promptly as you’d expect.

When I say click the’ active project’ area I’m referring to anywhere in the space where you can move regions… below all the tracks in that empty space is fine… anywhere in the MixConsole is fine. But if there’s a track to the left of it - midi/audio/Group/Input-Output etc and I click in the space to the right I get a pause.

Really odd. I started a thread last week on this which had no replies but I’ve been more specific here.

Does anyone have a suggestion that might help?! It’s killing my workflow because I’m waiting 1 or 2 secs after almost every move I make!

I’m on 10.5.20, Mac Catalina 10.15.5. I’ve tried trashing prefs, removing plugins…. If I have an Empty project it does it when I create one track and click on the space to the right of it. I’ve unplugged hardware etc… switched ASIO drivers. Other software is fine - HELP!!!

It’s almost like it’s not a Cubase problem but if really only occurs in the one GUI feild of Cubase.

Many thanks


I expect Cubase is waiting for the double-click therefore it doesn’t start/stop.

But I agree, it’s not nice.

Is that something that happens for you too then Martin?
I couldn’t find anything online elsewhere about this issue, but then started a post on another forum and found 2 or 3 other poeple who are putting up with similar issues.
I’m not convinced that =Cubase is waiting for a double click - especially on the background.


I reported it to Steinberg.

Thanks you Martin, that’s great. Hope they catch it… I’m going to try a reinstall at some point. Will keep this thread posted.