Cubase 10.5 inspector output midi track vepro

Hi guys. I’ll try to explain this.

In the inspector panel of a midi track connected to ve pro (eg. Instance woodwinds, port 22,channel 12) under the outputs in the inspector panel, its defaulting to show only the first audio return from vepro, not the routing I have specified. In the mixer window in cubase, it displays correctly. That is, the instrument channel in the mixer is displaying correctly.

It seems that all midi tracks when viewing audio output in the inspector window default to the first audio return set up in f11, activated audio outputs. When manually changing this to the correct audio channel, then the audio fader in the inspector works.

To be clear, all audio is working, that is not a problem. This just seems to be a problem in the inspector panel.

I hope you understand my issue. If not, I’ll be happy to post some screenshots.

Thanks for your time.


To see the Audio Return Channels from the Instrument track, open the Automation tracks, please.