Cubase 10.5 Interface Freezes

I have Cubase 10.5 on Windows 10 with a busy project in it. I can hardly play the project without cpu hiccups.

When exporting the audio (with same as the project sample rate of 44.1Khz), with “Realtime Export” off (because most times Cubase won’t do it, cpu overload), half the time the Cubase interface freezes when the export starts. The only thing that changes is the moving play head. Other than that, nothing. The progress dialog box shows “100%” and does nothing, and has no text in the Cancel button. After the export is complete, the play head shows at the end of the track, and Cubase is nonresponsive to any attempt at input. I have to kill Cubase via the Task Manager.

The freeze seems to happen most often after a failed attempt to export “Realtime”.

So what this amounts to is that every time I export my track so I can listen to it without dropouts, I have to kill Cubase and restart it.

Has anyone else seen this?

Also, PLEASE FIX! I shouldn’t have upgraded from 10 to 10.5.