Cubase 10.5 is good but... issues with xml import etc.,

Hi SB people,

Loving the new version, with the Select all Matching tracks on import but there is an issue with importing a .smt file where a Tempo and/or Signature Track already exists in the project.

Tempo imports fine but time signatures are all bunched up at the start of the project and Project Corruption seems to result from tracks bounced in an earlier version.

Also, Windows is unable to differentiate between Cubase 10 and Cubase 10.5, e.g. via “Open with”.

In addition, I was able unfortunately to open multiple instances of Cubase, which I don’t think should be allowed.

All things considered, it is an improvement and great timesaver when exporting and importing Track Archives, since finally mix templates actually have meaning.

Cheers, and thanks for a great app that just gets better and better (now on Win 10 only).

P.S. Now that Nuendo and Cubase are one, how about allowing import and export of a single Marker Track in Cubase :slight_smile:


What do you mean by .smt file? What data does it contain? Do you mean *.MID file? So do you File > Import > MIDI File?

You can start Cubase 10 and Cubase 10.5 side by side. Its like this since ever. Of course, there are some risks to do so. But then it’s a user error. This is not on Cubase side, but OS side to allow it or not.

Hi Martin,

A .smt file is Steinberg Master Track file.

Windows is unable to differentiate between Cubase 10 and 10.5, Steinberg should address this in some way; particularly when they are implementing features that aren’t backwards compatible.

This is not to mention the general sluggishness of the UI, especially with respect to the Infoline in the editors.

Good ideas, well intentioned but fall short of what is needed.

In other words bug fix please.


I’m sorry for my poor Cubase knowledge in this area… How can you export this Steinberg Master Track file, please?

When you export the Tempo Track, it is exported as a .smt file, which I believe uses XML format.

Seems to be a Windows only issue. OSX works fine here for reference

Just exported tempo track from 10.0.50 and opened up in 10.5


The tempo track issue is occurring in 10.5.

I’ve installed the Trial and it’s great but corruption is making it very difficult to work fluently because it seems to expect a specific order, i.e.

  1. import track archive
  2. import tempo track
  3. save project
  4. re-open project
  5. add Tempo Track
  6. add Signature Track

It appears that the last step may be causing issues because that’s when the time signature changes are all bunched up but it is only then that you cannot save or re-save the project.

I naturally save the project before I start working in any case so I can move the project and change the Media folder but I’m having to be very careful now and it does seem like a fluke when I get it to work.

I can re-open in 10.0.5 but since discovering the “Add all Tracks with the Same Name” feature, I never want to go back to an earlier version (I will purchase it soon) but this specific issue is hampering my efforts greatly so I am hoping for a fix ASAP before my trial ends so I can test it.

OK then, 10.5 tempo track export and import into another project works fine here on OSX. It is a WINDOWS issue. Just to clarify. Sorry it doesn’t help

Thanks for the confirmation.

It might be MSXml or something, I would like to have this confirmed since I don’t know if a crash dump is generated or how I could even send one to SB.


It works to me here on both Mac and Windows.

Hi Martin,

Just wondering, how complex are your tempos?

I could try it with a simple project as a test and report back but I have my fingers x’d that it will be picked up in an update somewhere.



Could you share your project (just the tempo track) as the exported .smt file, please? It will be interesting to see, if the issue is on the export it import side.