Cubase 10.5 Issue, content cant be loaded, license are missing, or time-limited license have expired (stumped!)

Hi All,

Please could you help/advise?

I’m having an issue when loading cubase 10.5, Ive jusr reinstalled and from reading other posts I think I may have installed many programs that dont come as standard with cubase, Im not 100% sure.

It says some content cant be loaded, license are missing, or time-limited license have expired (Ive only had this 2 months) with quite a big list -

Halion sonic se triebwerk
Zero gravity
Jazz essentials
Songwriters essentials (two of these in the list)
Halion sonic SE presents, Hypnotic, Triebwerk, Dark planet
Prime cuts
Future past perfect
Jazz essentials (second one in the list)
Songwriter kit presets
Neuro mindset
Beat essentials (two of)
Future electronica
Alternative essentials (two of)
Bouncy vibrations
Granular guitar presets

Ive tried to uninstall them all, so nothing is requested on start up but they’re always there. Very strange, Im unsure how to get rid of the list. Cubase tries to load them each time and its incredibly frustrating.
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You have a installed a long list of products there that are not included in Cubase and need additional licences to work. You need to open Steinberg Library Manager and use the Remove button to remove those libraries that you do not have licences for. In the HALion section, you need to get rid of Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance and Treibwerk. In the Padshop section, you need to get rid of Granular Guitars and Zero Gravity. Everything else on that list that you need to remove should be in the Groove Agent section - I think you need to remove Alternative Essentials, Beat Essentials, Bouncy Vibrations, Future Electronica, Future Past Perfect, Jazz Essentials, Prime Cuts, Neuro Mindset, Songwriters Essentials and The Songwriter’s. Those packs listed twice only need removing once.

There is so much to clean up that it might be easier to remove absolutely everything in all sections of Steinberg Library Manager, then reinstall Cubase using a full installer which will reinstall all the content covered by your Cubase licence. If you own licences for any additional Steinberg products, either do not remove the relevant content in the first place or reinstall it using a full installer plus any bundled content packs after removing everything.

Once you have done all this, you might need to remove Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance and Triebwerk individually from the Windows control panel as, for historic reasons, these expansions install their own dedicated VSTs. You are probably better off hosting these products in HALion Sonic SE if you use it in any new projects.

You are not the first user to install one or more add-ons obtained from Steinberg Download Assistant only to find themselves wondering why they get errors. All the content that is included with your Steinberg product(s) is included in the full installer for that product. Other downloadable content only works if you have an appropriate licence installed. Steinberg do offer a few free licences (Alto Glockenspiel, Guitar Harmonic Essentials, Dorico SE and HALion Sonic SE - this latter licence is for using HALion Sonic SE content on a system that doesn’t have a Steinberg host application licence). Most add-on content is chargeable.

I have a fairly extensive set of Steinberg licences including about half of what is on your list. Six of the expansions from your list are included in Absolute 4, plus I own some other separately licensed expansions (four HALion expansions, three Groove Agent expansions and a Padshop expansion). Even so, I would need to own eight more Groove Agent expansions costing a total of £237 in the UK to cover everything on your list! You would need to add The Songwriter’s (£51 in the UK) and either Absolute 4 (£429 in the UK) or the six content packs from your list that are included in Absolute 4 (totalling £202 in the UK) to cover the stuff I have licences for.

If you want more content than is included in your edition of Cubase, I would start by getting a trial of the full version of HALion 6 (synths and samples) and/or the full version of Groove Agent 5 (drums). Both these products contain more content than the SE versions included in Cubase. If you are thinking of buying both HALion and Groove Agent, buy Absolute instead - it includes HALion, Groove Agent plus additional content for both, as well as The Grand 3, Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2 with some additional content. Watch out for Steinberg sales - I bought almost all my licences at either 30% or 50% off.