I’m new to Cubase. I have the pro 10.5 version that I have installed. I have an issue where when loading cubase, the loading is interuped and the folling is displayed. I think i may have tried to in the past…Instaled Cubase on Imacs ssd internal and maybe the rest of the files on a seperate hard drive!
Or perhaps it’s when I had a demo version and somethings stayed in the system & recalls older version.

Also If I upgrade to 11, would i install the instruments on a seperate hard drive & the vst and pad shop ect?

What is on your elicencer (dongle) ?

you can use the elicencer control centre to find out …


It’s obvious you don’t own the licenses for these libraries. Open Steinberg Library Manager and remove these libraries from your system, please.

Dongle I have in Imac and I beleive a serial number had to be used. This was some time back, so memory is vauge…

do you still have a dongle ?

Yes. I think I messed up on install as my main internal ssd didn’t have enough space for the full studio that I wishe dto download, so maybe I tried installing onto seperate drive. I have the dongle and was thinking of an upgrade as it wasn’t too much extra. I can’t follow th Cubase install video on YT as he doesn’t cover the install too well.

and what licences are on that dongle ?

10.5 Cubase 10.5 pro I have. I have soft elieceincer and USB Eliciencer

ok - so do you have licences for the missing items in your first post ?

How would I find this out? I’ve managed to remove the missing licences so I can start over. The ones in the picture are mostly removed except a couple that I cant see in manger…

which ones are throwing the error ?

Soulful pop, this was found and now removed. Cubase loads ok now. What is the best way to reinstall the program and it’s libs?
I have the dongle. Would I need the number to go back in the activation code area?

most of those libraries that gave an error do not come with cubase - you have to buy them separately.

If you look at you licences you can see what you own - any others will need you to buy them from the steinberg shop and add the licence to your dongle.

I’m not sure you need to reinstall cubase

Ok, Greatly appretiate your help:)