Cubase 10.5 license is gone from dongle after failed upgrade!

Don’t update anything when you have work to do. It’s 2020, everyone knows this.

Lesson learned.

WTF are you talking about man? We are installing a NEW version of Cubase - leaving our old (supposedly) functioning version(s) in place. This situation is inexcusable. I’ve been writing software professionally for over 40 years - I’d hang my head in shame if I wrote such a shoddy/flaky licence upgrade process. If your process relies on an external server then it MUST be able to recover what it has half deleted – end of – no excuses.

Don’t update, or change anything, or fck around with anything… if you have work to do. WTF are you doing? why the F are you fking around with a new version of a DAW on a day you have work to do?

That’s what I’m talking about. If you were my employee, I would be reaming - you - out, not Steinberg.

It’s bad enough to see this unbelievable Steinberg crap.
Utterly idiotic remarks from people like you only make it worse.

Except I’m right. This is 101 ‘Audio Engineering for Idiots’ day 1 class… How to wrap cables… and not f/ck up the only machine that does the one thing that makes the studio money - recording (the DAW)

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Who said I’ve got work to do? And why is that the point? What? Are you supposed to take a week off incase an update process breaks your Cubase install?

Ok, lets agree this situation is a real (what we use to call in the Marine Corps, a Golf Foxtrot, look it up, it has to do with a goat) .

I’m sure they will work it out soon. (hoping so), and I can get out of authentication purgatory

Someone said they had work to do, but whatever, get over it, go take a walk - all will resume shortly.

Updates happen on downtime days, so if anything goes wrong, downtime can become worktime to fix without interfering with actual work. If you’re smart, probably going to want to try and do it during tech service hours if possible. You’re also going to want a journal and a pen, coffee.

Heck when I do major DAW updates, I usually reformat my entire PC fresh, might even throw in some parts upgrades, so I’ll wait for 2-3 days of downtime… which is why I still haven’t updated 10 to 10.5… :bulb:

Your complacent and lame efforts of responsibility shifting won’t work here.
Not any single user is responsible for this mess, and I have NEVER seen this kind of failure from ANY software company, ever: erasing licenses from online accounts during failed upgrades. Steinberg is responsoble for this unbelievable mess exlusively.

And now go home and tell your grandchildren tales of studio cables. Maybe they will buy that nonsense.

weird sht happens, software acts in unforeseen ways… mess around and find out… like build a house of cards in tornado alley mate.

If you’re stressing out about this, you picked the wrong time to update anything. Heck, some cars have programming errors that result in crash deaths… like get real mate… and then go take a walk.

Your posts in this thread definitely belong to the weird sht that happens, and besides making completely unreasonable claims and whack comparisons, they are the exact opposite of helpful

I don’t remember making hooker comparisons, but whatever.

My license just got process went from 10.5 transferring and now have an 11 license

What major updates? We are users trying to add a NEW instance of Cubase which is supposed to leave your old one untouched and working (which it presumably does) however, the licence update process seemingly has several ATOMIC updates which rely on an external server - if at any point in the update workflow, that external server is unavailable or busy - the licence update process is unable to rollback locally and exit gracefully. Something as important as licence updates should NEVER be destructive in professionally-coded professional software - as a man who works in IT what bit of that do you have a problem with? Perhaps you work in the wrong industry? You clearly set a low bar for well-considered processes and robust code with sound error handling. Please let me know what company you work for so I can avoid your products and services.

I’d have some (though not much) sympathy for your angle if we were patching the current live Cubase we are working with – but we are not!

You’re making too many assumptions about the my work. Also, it is not unreasonable to expect that the older license will still work even if thr upgrade fails.

Yes, dont update major studio software if you have work to do. Everyone knows that in 2020, because…

By now, we all realize we live in a late-stage capitalist hellscape where quality control priority is so far behind principal investor/stakeholder financial schedules that we all use the mantra “dont update your software if you have work to do” instead of expecting the sellers of that software to have FULLY QA’ed it before release.

Nobody can AFFORD to fully QA their product before release under this capitalist system, including pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals, because they wouldnt profit their investors in time, so things get pushed out and we, the customers, QA it for them, and show patience for them, as they finish the unfinished products that capitalism pushed out into the markets.

Food for thought, as we defend these dysfunctions so enthusiastically.

What do you suggest? marxism? :laughing:

Again we are NOT updating anything (unless you choose to install the patched versions of Halion, Retrologue, Padshop etc.) we are ADDING a new standalone instance of Cubase. Why as a user should you expect that to break your existing 10.5 or older instance(s)?

It’s interesting. You’ve spent this entire episode telling everyone with an actual problem that they’re overreacting, that it’s their fault for updating a product they bought with their money, then patronising them with the advice that they should go and take a walk.
If you’ve got no problem with the update, fantastic, but why are you spending your days deliberately antagonising people with genuine concerns? It’s the behaviour of an immature troll. I think if anyone needs to go and have a think/walk, it’s you.

Because it’s a time to celebrate in a world of darkness mate, it’s just a bit of a hiccup.