Cubase 10.5 Live with Halion SE, Sonic 3, Halion 6

Is it possible and stable enough to use Cubase 10.5 with any of my HALion plugins only with my Nector Panorama P6 on my laptop? I have Cubase 10 .5 in my studio with Halion 6, Sonic 3, and SE but would like to be able to take it live how would I go about this, do I have to buy Cubase again for my laptop along with Halion Sonic 3, etc., or do I just simply use Halion 3 as a standalone pluging.

Hi and welcome,

In general, yes, this combination is stable. Of course, it also depends on your specific machine, on your system, on the shape of the system…

Hi Martin
Cheers for that… The other question is I have Halion trio in my studio set up would I have to buy it again to put on my laptop for live performance?



Sorry, I don’t know, what HALion trio is. In general, you can transfer any license to the USB-eLicenser and then use it at any computer, where the eLicenser is plugged in.

If you mean HALion Sonic SE, this is for free, so you can install it to any computer and activate it to the Soft-eLinceser.

Hi Matin
Thank you for taking the time out to reply and will do that.

Apologize, Martin, what I meant by Trio was Halion v6 sonic v3 and SE.