Cubase 10.5 Lower Zone Adapting Quantize to Bar's Graphic Problem

I have an issiue on Cubase 10.5 Lower Zone. I change the quantize value but visually nothing changes on the lower zone. I use a lot midi step input mode and quantizing but nothing changes. I attach some photos to tell my problem, Any suggestions? I also linked the lower zone to the quantize value of the upper part but my quantize graphic changes only if I zoom in on the lower zone. Everything works expected on the upper zone.

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You have to change the Quantize in the Lower Zone. As I can see, this pallet is missing in your setup. Just right-click to the toolbar and add it.

Okey I have found where was the problem. I let here the solution for anyone has encounter with the same.
The bars+beats should be choosen on the right panel settings


THat’s also true. If you show Timecode or seconds, the grid is set accordingly.