Cubase 10.5 next week?

I’ve done the science bit, and I’m predicting Cubase 10.5 next week!

Version Released
Cubase 8.5 December 2, 2015
Cubase 9.0 December 7, 2016
Cubase 9.5 November 15, 2017
Cubase 10.0 November 15, 2018

if I’m right you all owe me a beer :laughing:

It might be Cubase 11. It might be the 21 November.

Why Cubase 11?

exact, or 12 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

NuYammaBase 01WXtra PRO!

After 10, the number is 11. Major update, more $$$.

11 Sounds better, plus, it only officially supports WIndows 10 and it would be lame if it were called 10.5 on Windows 10. Cubase 11 on Windows 10… MS needs to catch up

I can’t contain my excitement

kinda surprised that there haven’t been more discussions about this when in past years it seemed to be one of the most popular threads prior to a potential release.

I have to admit, I’ve been less excited this time only because I’m feeling pretty satisfied with 10 as it does everything that I want, need, and more with no real bugs (sorry to those who’s mileage varies).

That said I am sure they will announce something cool that I can’t live without for $50 (maybe more). I can’t think what it could be but another soft synth is not gonna do it for me I don’t think.

That’s exactly how I feel. Am excited by a new update but mostly really happy with the way things currently are. Cubase 10 is very strong.

my guess next wednesday. november 13
i saw 10 cubase 10.5 features posted (by beta testers probably ) on the net. hope it’s only a partial list.
there are some improvements for existing features and some new ones.
many of the “new”"features i hoped for are not there. hope to see some of them in the actual steinberg release list of features though.

waiting for a new version of software seems to be one way to use a software.

I prefer using what I have in hands.

I think it will be soon, that was shown on Cubase channel before :slight_smile:

Cubase is amazing - Chord tracks are absolute genius! Praying we get Studio One style workflow enhancements - less clicking and more music making.

Looks like it will be 10.5 as expected, given the private playlist on their Youtube. (Walkthrough of new features in Cubase 10.5).

I thought they’d maybe have a major update and possibly even a new name / number for the 30th anniversary.

Hopefully we do get some major new features though!

Care to share the features list you came across?

Since I use Cubase nearly 7 days a week, I am ALWAYS welcoming of new updates and features. There is nothing like a new look or feature to break up a bit of the monotony of composing. :wink:

Come on, guys. Don’t spoil the fun!

Fair enough :cry:

the 10 features are…
10:Don’t spoil the fun!