Cubase 10.5 next week?

Oh Im pretty certain i want my fun to be spoiled - Im like a kid at xmas trying to peer into his presents.

My money is on 11 November.

Oh Wow.
Have just seen this… About an hour after I just upgraded my 8.5 to C10.

Am I in some kind of grace period or is that just for new users?

You should be yes. Assuming the update is in the next few weeks the Grace period is usually around a month or so

I’m just hoping for more 10.0.x updates… usually the release 1 or 2 more around and or post major release launch.

Thank you for the replies.
Loving C10.

I was running the trial… And set up some great templates and Workspaces I didn’t ant to return to 8.5.

So it’ll be a onus knowing I am…( I know… Maybe)

Note: I deleted the three most recent posts in here containing a link. Not going into the details here but there has been a history with that and this is why we don’t want to see it in here either.
Thank you for your understanding!

:astonished: :blush: :mrgreen:

totally fine !

Geez guys, if someone’s going to post links to leaked features, you don’t do it on the company forums. You go to KVR or Gearslutz for that. :laughing:

I’m joking. I’m pretty sure the mods would delete those posts if requested by Steinberg.

Hi,does someone have a link to cracked cubase pro ?
please post here :mrgreen:

Anyone selling drugs too while we’re on the subject? I got a stinking headache! :smiling_imp: :imp:

cubase 10 has pretty nice “drug and drop”

last night I was able to see all the cubase pro 10.5 news thanks to a hacker user, it was really fantastic, but then I woke up.

Just downloaded 10.5. Am I missing something here?


probably a 0.

It’s a half gig worth of 0 then.

Yeah tap to tempo doesn’t work! Lol. This new interface is lovely though, HiDPI baby!

10.5 will be much more than half a gig.