Cubase 10.5 no audio in (windows)

I did a upgrade > cubase 7 to 10.5
I use a Motu 828 MK3 audio interface
Audio in doesn’t work anymore, audio out works fine in cubase
Who can help me solve this issue?
Thanx Remco

Hi and welcome,

What audio doesn’t work when audio out works, please? Could you be more specific, please?

Thanx for your reaction!
Motu audio interface is sending audio to my PC
Cubase doesn’t recieve this audio. No audio IN. Studio setup & audio connections in cubase are set correctly.
I can’t record audio in cubase
When I play back earlier recordings (from cusase 7) audio out works fine


How is Audio Connections > Inputs setup? Could you add a screenshot, please? Could you add a screenshot, how is the track Input set (and the track itself) while recording?