Cubase 10.5 no video playing

I have two systems with Cubase but different graphics cards, but I get this on both.

Whilst I’m working to video in Cubase 10.5, I repeatedly get just a blank white screen in the video window, or a white screen with just the timecode.

Closing the windows (F8) and re-opening usually results in the video showing again, but it’s a real pain having to do this all the time, over and over.

What is the problem and how do I fix this?

Thank you!!


Please make sure, you are using supported codec.

Hi, thanks for replying. Yes, it is correct/supported codec.


Could you share one of the video, please?

When does it become white, is there any pattern, please?

I can’t share the video because it’s client material, but it does it with any video.

I’ve put up with it for a while but it’s just become more of a nuisance now.

It seems to do it more often when I’ve been working on some music for a while, and then open the video window and play it back.