Cubase 10.5 performance - GPU issues on Mac

I just upgraded to Cubase 10.5 - since 9.5 was not supported on Catalina, and I needed to update my OS.

The GUI is having major troubles keeping up… If a midi editor with lots of notes (say a drum part) is opened, the average load reading on the audio performance meter skyrockets and I start experiencing dropouts. This seems to be directly tied with the resolution of my monitor, as different screen resolutions make the problem better and worse. Using HiDPI scaling makes things even worse still. Opening in “Low Resolution Mode” does not seem to make things any better.

Are there any workarounds? This is really frustrating.

I got better graphical performance with setting the audio engine to 32 bit. It is a software issue, not a GPU issue. Framerate in about 3-5 Hz. Mobile phones do 120Hz and gamers 240Hz.