Cubase 10.5 Pro Audio Drop Outs During Project Play Back

Hi Guys, I have Googled … “Cubase 10.5 Pro Audio Drop Outs During Project Play Back” … and I cant find anything online to solve my issue of Audio Drop Outs on Play Back? … I have changed + reinstalled audio drivers, checked latency + the processor is well within the green as my workstation is of high spec and can handle very large projects? … its not damaged audio either? as the drop outs are intermittent and happening in different locations each time I play back the track? but are occurring on every play back? please help thanks!


i think i had the same issue with 10.5. The only solution that worked was moving the project to an empty ssd drive, but i don’t think that’s normal. I have reverted to 10.0.50 and will test it more in the next few days.

Hi bjmatt, Thanks for the reply! Ill try this and get back! there’s very little information regarding this issue other than the normal stuff e.g. driver, buffer settings etc!

HELPFUL INFORMATION - PROBLEM SORTED: A deactivated VST Ozone 8 on a track insert was causing the audio drop outs? I now run Ozone 9!

Disable the selection combination tools. It helped me.