Cubase 10.5 Pro Channel Strip

The Noise Gate, Compressor, etc on “MAC GURU learning music and beat making” you tube video shows his Cubase 10.5 channel strip Gate, Compressor, EQ…etc with different color buttons than the stock grey buttons in my Cubase 10.5 Gate, Compressor, EQ. My buttons are all grey (except the vintage compressor) and in even rows. His buttons are Red, Green , blue and grey. and are staggered. Why the difference? The video is called

9.0 THE Channel Strips IN CUBASE 10.5 PRO FULL TUTORIAL 2020

they are all grey until you click and active them. then I get them with colors

Well I don’t get it then. I did activate them and the buttons did not change color.

Do you mean the backing of each processor? Like a color for the compressor and a different color for the EQ? If so, those are customized in the preferences. To my knowledge button colors do not change except when turning on/off. And you can control the brightness of the button color.