Cubase 10.5 pro: Groove agent SE no longer showing drum names

I hit something, I’m not sure what, and now all of my cubase cprs do not show the bottom portion of the screen correctly (sorry i forgot the name), for example for drum tracks instead of showing the little diamonds and the drum name to the left it is now showing a piano roll. This is now a problem on every single .cpr file and also the bottom portion of the screen looks strange examing other track types too, like audio tracks. I tried resetting the cubase config with ctrl-shirt-alt while starting but still broken. Any idea what I did?

I want it to look like this instead…

I found it, near the bottom left of the screen where it says “editor” there is a little down arrow that switches the view type. “Key editor” “Score editor” or “Drum editor”

… but it keeps flipping back to “key editor” even for drums :’(

I’ve also reset Cubase config by holding ctrl-alt-shift while loading up. Even that didn’t fix it :confused: